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WHISKEYTUMBLERS.COM is run by David Allison located in Sheffield, England. A city recognised worldwide for its rich heritage in supreme quality metal products.

David strives to maintain this legendary reputation in metal crafts. A master of silver spinning, a rare and traditional technique of shaping metal, which he is keeping alive as one of only a handful of remaining spinners in the UK. Each tumbler is hand spun in the workshop. All copper products are silver plated and gilded with excellence whereas our silver products are gilded and officially hallmarked. 



When drinking your favourite dram, the colour, aroma and taste work together to give its characteristic flavour and individual personality. We supply whisky enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike with an elegant, exquisite vessel of unrivalled quality. 

Simply cradle the vessel in the palm to warm the whisky. For a longer lasting experience, the concave design holds in the warmth and aroma that is released as you drink. If you prefer whisky stones or ice then your tumbler will also keep the spirit cooler for longer.

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